We are committed to providing Education, Advocacy and Allyship to create a community of Equity and Inclusive Excellence at CCID.

Supporting Our Asian and AAPI Communities: 

CCID Supports our Asian and AAPI Communities

Education, Advocacy, and Allyship: We strive to increase institutional and personal capacity for diversity resulting in a community committed to equity and inclusive excellence.

Awareness and Education: We are committed to  building cultural competencies and skills supported by workshops and training for the entire Caltech community. We welcome consistent assessment and feedback for sustainable change.

Advocacy through Collaboration: We work with the Caltech community to promote and provide access to information and resources to support academic and personal goals. The CCID creates and provides programs and services in response to the changing needs of our community. 

Allyship: We create inclusive spaces and skill building opportunities for all members of the community to engage with issues related to their individual identities. We provide resources and promote an environment that is supportive for all.

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