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Intro & Goal Setting- November

Mentorship Process Questions- December, January

Professional Development & Productivity-February

Identity & Personal Development- March

Mindfulness & Balance - April

May/June- Closing

Mentoring Topics 

First Compass Mentoring Meeting 

Mapping out the Next Terms
Contact Sheet

The Mentorship Process 


Articles to Read and Discuss

Professional Development & Productivity 

 Hilary Clinton, Melissa Harris- Perry and the Opposite of Imposter Syndrome

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Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in A Distracted World
The One Question, Email Habits and Boosting your Productivity for Good
Productivity and your Email

Identity & Personal Development 

A teacher mispronouncing a student's name can have a lasting impact
STEM's Glass Ceiling for Asian American Women

Mindfulness & Balance 

Allies and Microaggressions
Why Self Compassion Works Better Than Self-Esteem 
Mental Rest and Relaxation

Your Final Compass Mentoring Meeting 

Reflections, Closure, & Transitions

More Resources for Mentoring

For Mentors

Mentoring URM students
SFP Mentoring Tips and Resources
How to Mentor and Support Other Women
How to Be a Good Mentor

For Mentees

Mind Mapping
Vision Boarding
Mentorship Takes Two
Questions to ask when choosing mentors

For Both Mentors and Mentees

Deepening your Mentoring Relationship
Ideas for Meetings