Mapping out the Next Terms

Spend a session with your mentor to map out the next terms.   Look ahead at the next weeks and come up with ways to strategically approach deadlines, application due dates, and balancing the projects you're managing with life outside lab or class.

Examples of a few predictable phases for undergrads:

  • summer work/internships applications
  • Second term slump? Reinvigorating study habits 
  • Finding balance in attending inter-house events and getting work done
  • Grad school application, job interview travel
  • Leadership turnover in clubs and executive committees
  • House events
  • Spring break planning
  • Stress management
  • New classes
  • Add what you know is coming up for your over the next 10 weeks, events, trips, commitments etc.

Examples of a few predictable phases for grads:

  • Choosing an advisor, strategies for managing that relationship
  • Conferences and work balance
  • Navigating family and relationships after the holidays
  • RA recruitment and hiring
  • Academic preview days for admitted or potential admits for each division
  • Navigating and balancing romantic relationships
  • Student Faculty Conference 
  • Winter Career Fair
  • Stress management

SAMPLE (customize to fit your needs)

Intro & Goal Setting- November

Mentorship Development  Cycle Questions- December, January

Professional Development (articles) Guiding Questions-February

Identity Development (articles) Guiding Questions- March

Mindfulness & Balance (articles) Guiding Questions- April

May/June- Closing