Mentorship takes two

5 ways you can start or maintain your mentoring relationship 

  1. Text or Email to say hello and one thing (e.g. school, relationships, spring break, weekend plans, something that has been on your mind.)
  2. Share an image or quote that makes you laugh, smile, or think. 
  3. Set a small goal for yourself (for the day or week) and then let your mentor know about it.
  4. Gratitude, share something you are feeling grateful for
  5. Be Vulnerable. Answer the question, "If you really knew me you would know..." and share something new. This can be done in person or via written communication.

Don't have time to do any of these right now? Set a reminder or alarm that reminds you to get in touch.

Setting Intentions together 
Intentions are different from goals because we can't fail at them. We can set intentions that leave room for the journey along the way and play a role in helping us achieve what want.  Our conscious intentions influence the unconscious ways we move through the world.

Instead of Goal: "stop procrastinating"
Think about why are you procrastinating. Don't like the project? Not feeling appreciated or seen? Everyone else's work comes first?  

Set an intention that helps you to come alive and feel more engaged. A few ideas would be centering in on the feeling that brought me to my science and why I'm pursuing this degree.  Create a journey map to reflect on everything you have done to get to this point.  

"I want to integrate more of what brings me joy in my day"

A few ideas on getting intentions going: 
Vision boarding - This can be on a piece of 8.5/11 paper just write out what you want for yourself, what helps you feel your best, what brings you joy? When do you feel safe? what would help you to feel supported?

Monthly or Weekly check-ins with your goals and intentions: what do you need to do to achieve your goals.  Writing on post it notes to be visually reminded of goals can be helpful. Having your mentor/ mentee serve as an accountability buddy can be mutually beneficial.