Reflection, Closure, & Transitions

Closure and transition are important.  Here are some guiding questions to navigate:

  • Look back at your original goals, check out your setbacks/progress to determine if you should engage in any subsequent follow-on in a post mentoring relationship
  • Celebrate your successes! Boast your accomplishments, revisit the journey, and share some appreciation for each other
  • Discuss your relationship transition. It is encouraged to find the balance that works for you –but it is the hope that you will agree to stay in touch on an informal basis

Closure questions: 

  • What did you learn over the course of the year?
  • How have you applied or where might you apply what you have learned?
  • What are personal/professional development opportunities for the future?
  • What worked well in this partnership?
  • What did we learn about ourselves?
  • What did we learn about each other?
  • "I admired you're…"
  • "You have a real knack for…"
  • "I especially appreciated it when you…"
  • What didn't work so well and why? Missteps or difficulties offer rich experiences for learning.