Workshops and Training on Leadership and Management

Agency to make change
"Try on" the idea that I have the power and agency to make choices in my life. Define a few components of my vision for my life. Identify strategies to help me self-author my life.

Constructive Conflict
Conflict is inevitable in any group dynamic setting and does not have to be negative. The CCID offers an interactive session about conflict. You learn about your conflict style and the conflict styles of others and how to navigate productively to increase productivity and foster a culture of care.

Conflict Management

Identify a new strategy for engaging in more effective conflict. Recognize the role of identities in conflict. Name a new tactic within Non-Violent Communication.

Developing Leaders Potential
Explore 7 theories of leadership behaviors, examine 5 different leadership styles and develop a plan to focus on leadership potential.

Facilitator Training
Learn the basics that include the importance of community guidelines, building a room that is engaged in dialogue, skills for reading your room, giving feedback, asking important questions (clarifying, gathering of more information, exploring their intentions, and asking them to reflect) as well as important keys to guiding a more inclusive space to share.

Facilitating Effective Meetings

This will be a fast-paced interactive workshop that will offer key skills that you can put right to work when leading a meeting. Skills around the following topics include; the anatomy of an agenda, why building trust is important, practice noticing behaviors and patterns, help to guide dialogue, stepping in when a hard topic comes up, and how can to ensure follow-through post-meeting.

Improving Workplace Dynamics

This workshop offers participants time to reflect on their communication style, collegiality, and discusses solutions to create a more productive and inclusive workplace.

Inclusive Classrooms
During this session, we address strategies to improve your classroom climate & lab dynamics and affect institutional and cultural change. By the end of this session you are able to: 1) Define, understand, and mitigate the presence of stereotype threat and unconscious bias in the classroom and the lab; and 2) Identify positive changes that you can make to your syllabus, student interactions, lab meetings and classroom climate for the success of every student.

Inclusive Leadership

Provides staff and administrators models on inclusive leadership by learning about how their experiences form their biases, providing a common language to talk about inclusion and diversity within their teams, and forming plans to strategically act and respond in various scenarios.

Inclusive Mentoring
From setting up clear expectations to managing emotions as they arise, this workshop is customized for mentors to cultivate emotional intelligence towards creating more inclusive mentoring meetings, check-ins, and groups.

True Colors
This is a hands-on experience where participants take the True Colors assessment to identify their personality type. This inventory provides the group with insights into different motivations, actions and communication approach to aid in navigating interpersonal and professional relationships.

Unconscious Bias Training
This workshop enables participants to generate strategies to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, identify personal bias(es), and learn about unconscious bias.