Workshops and Training on Structural Change

Data-Driven: Striving for Diversity

Are you writing a survey and wanting to structure your demographic questions to be more inclusive? Are you trying to understand your climate and organizational culture? The CCID fosters conversations about how you can capture and assess what you really want to know about your organizations and efforts.


Planning out the Term
This workshop provides information on predictable phases of an academic schedule, offers strategic approaches to meeting deadlines, and other best practices for students to be academically successful at Caltech.

Unconscious Bias in Hiring (Staff and Faculty)
Everyone has unconscious/implicit biases that affect the way we view, assess, and select candidates. Mitigating the effects of these biases begins with a review of one's own experiences, tendencies, and prejudices. We will also discuss the nuances of the hiring process and areas where these biases show up the most. We will share best practices and tools that can improve your hiring process to help diversify your applicant pool. 

Best Practices in Diversifying Graduate Admissions 
We will share data-driven strategies to diversify your graduate admissions pool- from attracting diverse candidates to the process of selection, admission, and yield we can help your committees mitigate implicit biases and truly cultivate a class that reflects the diversity of your field.