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Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador

This program is open to the entire Caltech community! Building an inclusive environment that promotes diversity requires commitment and contribution from all of our members to educate oneself on basic cultural competencies and champion diversity and inclusion efforts on campus and beyond.

Caltech Diversity & Inclusion Ambassadors are individuals who align with the Caltech Center of Diversity's mission and vision towards greater education, action and allyship. Each Ambassador will complete the following requirements over the course of a year (Estimated time: 7 hours of programming):

  1. Decoding Diversity is our new one hour workshop introducing all of campus to basic knowledge around diversity and inclusion. (Approximately 1 hour)

  2. Safezone Trainings are LGBTQ+ basics and allyship skills that are offered every quarter. If you have taken it within the past two years you do not need to take it again! (Approximately 2 hours)

  3. Diversity Statement: Share with the CCD what diversity means to you, and how it relates to your own positionality on campus as well as how you are currently contributing to diversity and/or inclusion efforts on campus. (Approximately 1 hour)

  4. Advocacy Project: Show Caltech how you are an advocate for diversity and inclusion. This is an advocacy project of your choosing. You will be assigned a CCD staff member to support you. (Approximately 3+ hours)
    • Team or Individual Project
    • Written Proposal: With the overarching goal centered on increasing diversity and/or creating a more inclusive culture/environment on our campus. Examples include: Social media campaign, article/book group, host a speaker, facilitate a workshop, volunteer, change images in your space etc.
    • Show us how it went! Document your project through pictures, video and share it with us. #CDIAproject
    • Submit a final report on the proposal: Confirmation of final project objectives and details with a brief description of what went well, challenges, assessment of impact, and next steps.

If interested, submit your application here: